Is Air Conditioning Suitable For My Apartment?

Is Air Conditioning Suitable For My Apartment?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is the perfect answer for those hot summer days and cold winter nights when you wish to feel comfortable in your home. However, in an apartment, is air conditioning really that important? Many people may think an apartment is a small living space and not worth the installation of an air conditioner.

An apartment building that is located in the sun will become extremely hot and the individual systems would definitely benefit from an air conditioning system.  An air conditioner will cool down your apartment quickly without using open windows, and without a breeze opening, a window will not guarantee any cool air.

Generally, it is more economical to have an air conditioner running during the day when temperatures are hot. Turning off the AC during a heatwave can rapidly lead to increased heat and humidity in your home. Turning your AC back on after a few hours, your AC will have to work harder to reduce the temperature to a comfortable level.

What Size Air Conditioner Will Suit An Apartment?

We know there are various air conditioner systems on the market, however, many systems are suitable for commercial buildings or large homes. For an apartment space, we recommend a ducted system, this will focus on specific rooms of the air conditioner, whereby you can select which rooms you would like to be cooled. Apartments would use a smaller air conditioner that has one control. Unless of course, you prefer multiple controls then you should opt for the MyZone3 system.

The other option for apartments is a portable air conditioner; a portable air conditioner is a small system that you can move around your system. If your room does not have a window a Portable Air Conditioner would be a good option. Whether in your bedroom or in your living room a portable system can be moved and positioned in the area you wish to cool down while you work or relax.

Heat tends to transfer or move from warmer to cooler areas. Your non air conditioned apartment may spend all day baking in the sun, heating up your rooms, walls and floors. As the air temperature drops at night, which it usually does, the heat will radiate from the warmer surfaces, into the cooler air. Thus providing your apartment with a hot and uncomfortable space to live in.

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