Ducted Air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for properties with multiple rooms or a whole house, using the one system. They operate quietly and blend into the decor of your home seamlessly. Cool down your living room this summer or warm up your bedroom this winter. You can’t go wrong with ducted system air conditioners this season.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is a system of ducts that are used to keep you cool. Ducted air conditioning has an internal fan coil unit which is installed in a central location of your property to keep the roof of your room cool. A number of ducts run from this location to as many rooms as you’d like on your property. Different ducts around the house enable you to cool down or warm up each room individually. The controller on the wall allows you to control the temperature, this can also be used to turn on and off different areas of your home, this is known as zoning.

Benefits of ducted air conditioning

1. Efficiency & money-saving

Many people fail to realise how energy-efficient and money-saving ducted air conditioning is. There may be a higher price upfront for the initial installation, however, you save money over time with efficient cooling and lower electrical bills. One air conditioning system will maintain a suitable climate without increased energy costs.

2. Zoning and control

Zoning is one of the main ways ducted air conditioning helps you save money. Zoning allows you to turn off any areas of the home which are not in use. Ducted air conditioners are the ideal choice if you want to change to temperature for multiple rooms/spaces. You can even customise the temperature of each room suiting everyone’s needs. The ability to tailor each room not only saves you money but is also environmentally friendly.

3. Aesthetics

No one wants a large bulky air conditioning system on display in their home, it just doesn’t look good. However, with ducted air conditioning units, you’ll never have this problem. Ducted systems are practically invisible, the only way to see them is if you look at the vents or the controller. Whether you prefer a split system or ducted system air conditioner based on looks, it really comes down to your personal preference.

4. Quiet operation

Ducted air conditioning systems are arguably quieter and allow you to have a comfortable night’s sleep without any operating noises. The main compressor is located outside of your property which is usually placed far away from bedrooms to ensure any sounds from the compressor are never heard.

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Ducted air conditioning systems are the perfect choice for any home or office space. They are an affordable option and provide a complete cooling and heating systems to your entire property. It is extremely easy to use and you can’t even see it operating! Make your space the perfect temperature all year long with ducted air conditioner. Call Central Coast air today on 02 4365 2677 and we will provide you with a free installation quote!

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