Why Commercial Air Conditioning Is Important

Central Coast Air Conditioning specialise in commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair services. We know how important cooling and heating your commercial space is in the warmer and cooler months. It’s not ideal to have a hot function room when you have meetings. You don’t want your employees leaving work for reasons such as hot working conditions. Central Coast Air Conditioning will ensure your air conditioning provides cool air to your staff in the warmer months and warm air in the colder months.

If your air conditioning system is consistently down, you may need to consider an air conditioning replacement. Our team at Central Coast Air Conditioning will provide you with unmatchable service so you can be reassured that your air conditioning unit won’t break down on you during those important times.

Central Coast Air Conditioning will work with you to provide a unique cooling and heating solution best suited for your commercial needs and budget. From split systems to ducted systems, we are your go-to choice for everything air conditioning. Be sure to call us on 02 4365 2677 for a quote today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Central Coast Air Conditioning services the whole of the Central Coast, Gosford, Erina, Tuggerah, and Woy Woy. Enhance your commercial environment with a split, ducted or iZone Smart Control air conditioning systems.

1. Split Systems

A split air-conditioning system is an ideal choice if you are on a budget and are after a simple climate control system. If you have small office space which you need to cool down or heat up, split systems are the perfect choice for your space as they target specific areas of your office. Split systems also do not require any ductwork or holes in your ceiling.

2. Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioning systems are the perfect choice for office spaces of a larger scale. Ducted systems allow you to have complete control over every room in your office space. No matter what the temperature is outside, you can set your preferred temperature inside tailored to each room!

3. MyZone3 Smart Control System

Have more control with the MyZone3 smart control system. Smart Control systems are the latest and affordable technology that provides you with a state of the art air conditioning system. You are given total control of the temperature at any time. The climate control systems are scalable allowing you to afford it on any budget. MyZone3 Smart Control is highly advanced giving you the option of 3 controller designs, or even no controller at all by using your phone. You can also create a maximum of 9 temperature scenarios to suit everyone’s needs. Depending on what you’re feeling you can cool your office down or heat up your lobby. There is an option suited to everyone.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Central Coast Air Conditioning is the number one Central Coast provider of air conditioning maintenance. We have years of experience with maintaining air conditioners, so we know what we’re looking for. We will provide you will professional advice on whether your air conditioning requires a small fix or a complete air conditioning replacement. Our maintenance prevents any future breakdowns. Never ignore your air conditioning signs. If you hear or notice something different, this needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioner is not functioning at its optimum level you may need your air conditioner repaired. All our repairs are completed professionally and promptly to ensure your air conditioner is up and running efficiently. We know how important it is to have a working air conditioner at your commercial property, that’s why we will listen to your needs and provide you with the best quality service in the Central Coast region.

Why Choose Us

Central Coast Air Conditioning will reach your property swiftly to assess the best location to install your air conditioner and to identify if you are best suited to a split, ducted or iZone Smart Control system. We work with environmentally friendly, quiet air conditioners that will enhance your commercial property. We provide a 5-year warranty on all your air conditioners. Call us on 02 4365 2677 and get your commercial air conditioner installed today!

Keep your office cool in summer and warm in winter with our competitive prices.

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