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Central Coast Air Conditioning install, repair and maintain Fujitsu air conditioning units. We offer Fujitsu ducted and split air conditioning systems to residential and commercial properties across the entire Central Coast. Fujitsu air conditioners are the ideal choice for efficiency and precise temperature control all year round.

Fujitsu AC Technologies

Benefits of Fujitsu Ducted Range of Air Conditioners

1. Temperature Control

Ducted Fujitsu air conditioners are the perfect choice for both the warmer and cooler months. By reversing the cycle of your air conditioner, this will absorb the hot air from outside and transfer it inside your home. Fujitsu is the ideal choice no matter what temperature conditions you live in.

2. Comfort & Design

Ducted Fujitsu air conditioning systems are designed to be the perfect solution for comfort and design. This unit features a versatile design allowing for easy installation. Fujitsu air conditioning is not only easy to use, but it runs quietly.

3. The Installation Process

If you opt for a Fujitsu air conditioner you can be assured that we will install your ducted air conditioning unit in a quick and professional manner. We will always assess your property prior to installation to ensure we know the right location to install the outlets, outdoor unit and controller.

Benefits of Fujitsu Split Range of Air Conditioners

1. Energy-Efficient Systems

Split system Fujitsu air conditioners work quickly and quietly. If you are after a quick fix this unit would be your go-to choice. They also function large extremes in temperature.

2. Economy Operation

Under the classic range, the economy operation is an extreme energy saver, which has the option of setting the temperature of your indoor unit to alternate one-degree temperatures. This limits the maximum energy consumption of your air conditioner.

3. Clean & Filtered Air

Certain Fujitsu air conditioning units use static electricity to filter out dust and particles floating in the air, such as tobacco and plant pollen. The Fujitsu filter is extremely effective against any bacteria growth, therefore creating a safe air environment for you and your family.

Fujitsu air conditioning systems are not only easy to install but they are easy to use. They allow you to heat or cool your space at an energy consumption level.

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Central Coast Air Conditioning can install any Fujitsu air conditioning unit, whether it is a split system or ducted system. We will assess your space and provide you with the best solution suited for your property. Contact Central Coast Air Conditioning on 02 4365 2677 and we will assist you with your Fujitsu air conditioning needs today.

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