Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

A Ducted Air conditioning system is a concealed system, hidden within your property walls or quite often in the roof space of your home. The cool or warm air is directed to various rooms through a system of concealed ducting with only the outlets being noticeable. You can have full control of your temperature and zone control in each room of your house. During all types of weather conditions, ducted air-conditioning would be a popular option in any Australian household and will guarantee a relaxing, comfortable lifestyle.

We have listed 3 benefits to help you decide if ducted air conditioning is right for you and your family.

Temperature Control

A big advantage with ducted air conditioner is the ability to install zoned air conditioning.  Ducted air conditioning which is zoned will allow you to set up different temperature levels in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living rooms.  You may also turn the system off in selected areas when not used, reducing energy.  Furthermore, the same system dehumidifies the air and cools it down according to your preferences. This is particularly useful for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Discreet Operation

Ducted air conditioning is very discreet it is tucked away behind walls and ceilings. The system services the whole house if the air conditioning is zoned each room can have different heating or cooling setting which guarantees even temperature. Due to the fact that the air conditioner is hidden, there is less noise and you will hardly be aware that it is running. However, if you do hear any unusual sounds chances are that your air conditioning must have maintenance check and contacting a professional air conditioning company such as Central Coast Air Conditioning will ensure that your air conditioner is checked and repaired.

Cooling and Heating

Australia has extreme weather conditions, so it is worthwhile to have an air conditioning system that will have a combination of both heating in winter and cooling in summer. Ducted air conditioning has reverse cycle technology, making it simple to regulate.  You can make your home cosy in winter without the conventional heaters which take up space and can sometimes be a safety hazard. During summer no stand or ceiling fans will have to be used as the ducted air conditioner will keep you chilled during those hot, humid summer days.

Selecting the correct air conditioner is an important decision. It should be based on several factors including the cost, energy efficiency, the size of the space that is to be cooled or heated, and your personal preferences. If you are trying to decide whether you should purchase a ducted air conditioner Central Coast Air Conditioning Service is available at any time to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

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