Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes

There are many benefits to having an air conditioning system installed in your home or office. If you decide on a split system you will have the benefit of heating in winter and cooling in summer. A ducted system is quiet and hidden and ideal for families with young children or those who work from home. All air conditioning systems must be installed by a professional air conditioning service such as Central Coast Air Conditioning. Using expert guidance and advice, you will have your system installed professionally.

Improper installation can cause damage to the interior and exterior of your home or business. The installation of an air conditioning system is fairly straight forward, however, the system must be properly connected to the water and electricity in your home.  This all must be done by a qualified installer with experience in air conditioning systems such as Central Coast Air Conditioning service.

Here are 3 basics errors, which may happen at the time of air conditioning installation, if you do not use a reputable air conditioner company, and may later cause harm to your air conditioning system, home or business.

  • It is essential to select a suitable location in your property for installing the indoor system from where it can deliver balanced cooling or heating. Occasionally people can make the mistake of installing the indoor system at a very high spot, which ultimately affects the performance of the system. It is good to place the internal unit somewhere in between 7 and 8 feet above the ground. This height is appropriate for an air conditioner to provide a balanced airflow across the room you are wishing to cool or heat.
  • Wires and tubing must be connected correctly at the time of installation because exposed wires or tubing can be harmful to your family members. Exposed electrical wiring is a safety issue and it is essential that you employ a professional team to guarantee the wiring and tubing is covered correctly and is secure and safe.
  • If you are intending to install a unit in a sun filled room it is important that the unit is positioned away from any direct sunlight. Air conditioning systems, if in direct sunlight, may heat up and this can cause damage to your system. You must seek a professional and experienced company such as Central Coast Air Conditioning to come and inspect and repair your unit and advise on the best option to stop your system heating up again.

To avoid any of the above mistakes contact Central Coast Air Conditioning and they will come to your home or business and inspect and advice of the best system for your property. With expert experience, they will have your system installed and working in a minimal amount of time and interruption to your day.

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