Advantages of Home Air Conditioning Zoning

Are you struggling to understand why you are paying too much in energy costs, are there ways that you could reduce your monthly bill.  Is it possible that you are not using your air conditioning system to its full potential?

It may be time to consider home air conditioning zoning, there are many advantages that you may think are beneficial.

Let’s look at home air conditioning zoning and how it can assist with your energy costs and also your family’s comfort:

What is Home Air Conditioning Zoning?

MyZone3 zoning is a heating and cooling system that uses dampers in the ductwork to regulate and redirect air to specific areas of your home. This allows for different parts of your home to have modified temperature levels. That means you do not have to set your entire central air system to one temperature for the entire house.

Zoning enables you to set your controller to alternative settings for different areas of your home, allowing you to cool higher levels that may get hotter.   Or keep other rooms warmer than the rest of the house such as bedrooms or for those family members who feel the chill more than other members.

Benefits of Home Air Conditioning Zoning

Being able to create customized temperature zones throughout your home comes with many benefits:

  • Zoning is effective and reliable it keeps your air conditioning system from being worked too much. Zoning helps maintain an even temperature throughout your home which helps stops your system constantly working too much. Using your air conditioner system less means saving time and money which is both good for the environment and for your monthly bill. When used correctly zoning can save you up to 25% on your yearly energy bills.
  • All members of your family, or friends who are visiting, will be comfortable when they are given the option on how cool or warm they would like to feel. Quite often members of a household prefer different comfort levels. This is common especially at night while sleeping, zoning your aircond unit is about personal preference. It is a practical method of saving energy and maximising comfort in specific areas of your home.
  • An added bonus is you can control your MyZone 3 Air Conditioning System via your mobile phone or iPad. This enables you to have greater control from anywhere in your home which is both time saving and efficient.
  • MyZone3 will work with all leading Air Conditioning brands.

Air Conditioning zone control allows you to adjust the airflow in each room and increase your comfort level whilst at the same time decrease the cost.

If you are interested in learning more about air conditioning zoning and how it could benefit your home, our team at Central Coast Air Conditioning would be happy to help. Get in contact with our friendly team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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