Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

During warmer months air conditioners are used throughout the day and night to keep cool. Likewise, during the colder months a reverse cycle air conditioner will be used extensively to keep warm. Constant usage means regular maintenance, if your air conditioning system is not well maintained problems can occur. One of these problems can be a leakage, if you do notice your air conditioner is leaking turn the air conditioning thermostat to “Off” to avoid additional damage to your home and reach out to Central Coast Air Conditioning Services.

Here are 5 reasons why your air conditioning system may leak.

Blocked Condensate Drain Line

Blockages in the drain line, which is usually positioned outside near your condenser, will cause a leakage. This problem happens because there is a build up of debris, mould, dust and dirt. When these materials gather in the drain, it leads to a delay in water flow out of the aircon system. This will lead to a large amount of water and a spillage will occur, which means the drain line has to be cleared. If this is happening, schedule a service with Central Coast Air Conditioning.

Broken Condensation Pump

The condensation pump is located below the cooling coil. The role of the pump is to drain water thoroughly so that any air conditioning leakage is prevented. When the pump is broken or it is not working because of the accumulation of dust and dirt, it results in water dripping, this is a clear warning that the pump is not working properly. The pump must be replaced before any further damage is caused.

Poor Air Conditioning Maintenance

Most of our home appliances will have to be regularly maintained and this includes your air conditioning system. A professional service company will thoroughly check all parts of your system including the pump and evaporator coil to ensure there is no evidence of early rusting which can lead to leakages. If your air conditioner is subject to unchecked rust and other problems, this can cause greater problems and in the long run it can be more expensive to replace or repair your systems.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter blocks airflow covering the evaporator coil, thus leading to a drop in temperature and when the evaporator coil gets too cold it freezes. When the system is turned off and the air conditioner becomes warmer, the ice will melt, and an excess amount of water will drip, and the drip tray may not be able to hold this will lead to a spillage of water.

Incorrect Installation

If an air conditioning system is not installed correctly, a water leakage can occur. When mounted the system is to be installed with a proper inclination. Inadequate inclination of the system may lead to the water not draining properly. Drainage tubes that are not correctly insulated will cause condensation which in turn will drip water resulting in an increase risk of damage to your home.

Since technology has advanced air conditioners across Australia, they have become popular. Air conditioning such as ducted or split systems have made our living standards and our home and work environments more comfortable.  A leaking air conditioner or a damaged compressor can run up costs quickly. If you hear or see anything unusual about your air conditioning system please contact Central Coast Air Conditioning Services and their professional team will come to your home and do a maintenance check on your A/C system and check, fix, repair or replace any damaged parts.

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