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Top 5 Air conditioning myths

Air Conditioners come with a range of myths and we are here to confirm or crush those myths for good. Central Coast Air Conditioning knows everything there is to know when it comes to cooling and heating up your space, no matter what air conditioner you have or what questions you may want to ask, we are more than happy to help! Now let’s consider the common myths surrounding air conditioners:

Myth #1: Air conditioning maintenance is unimportant

This is definitely the biggest myth out there. To ensure your air conditioner last you years, you must maintain your air conditioner throughout the year. A large component of air conditioning systems are the filters and coil. These purifiers must sustain regular cleaning. Dust and dirt accumulate within the filters causing the system to operate inefficiently. Regular maintenance is essential to guarantee your system is running to its best advantage and it is important to have continued maintenance in order to guarantee a clean and healthy environment.

Myth #2: Air Conditioning will give me a cold

An air conditioner in a room cools or heats the air depending on the setting you have selected. This air, which moves around the room, is to make your living or working area more comfortable. A cold is caused by a virus, so you can be reassured that air conditioners do not cause colds which is a very common myth. So enjoy your air conditioner without the fear of getting sick.

Myth #3: It doesn’t matter what size Air Conditioner I select

It is important to install the correct size air conditioner that is suitable for your space. Using an oversized air conditioning system will not heat or cool your room any faster than a well-suited system.  If the unit is too small it will work harder to cool or heat the air. Not having the correct size will overuse the air conditioner causing overheating or damage the system. It is highly important to have your place measured and installed with the right size system, as this will guarantee accurate airflow and you are paying for the correct energy consumption.

Myth #4: Air conditioners can be installed anywhere.

The place you decide to install your air conditioner is extremely important. Once installed if the system is maintained well it should be there for many years. Installing away from light fittings and staying away from electrical appliances is important so the thermostat can work efficiently. Also being sure to allow the vents to freely move and allow no obstructing to airflow will guarantee an efficient air conditioner.

Myth #5: Air conditioners are only meant for the summer.

Are air Conditioners only good for summer? The answer is no. Air conditioners are to be used all year round; they are equipped with settings for all seasons of the year.

Fact: New air conditioners come with settings for different seasons of the year, so the idea that air conditioners are only for hot weather has become a myth. Today Air Conditioning Systems are fitted with cooling and warming settings. This allows air conditioners to be operated all year round to make your living or working environment healthy and comfortable.

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Central Coast Air Conditioning hopefully has given you peace of mind when it comes to the various myths that come with air conditioners. Our technicians are here to assist you with any other myths you may be curious about. Contact Central Coast Air Conditioning and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help.

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