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Tips on Managing A Damaged Air Conditioner

If you notice your air conditioning system is not functioning correctly, perhaps the system is leaking or possibly the temperature thermostat is not working, you should seek professional help and book a service to have skilled technicians check and repair the system. However, if a technician is not available straight away, here are 5 tips on the best way to keep your house cool while waiting for a maintenance check and repair.

Use Your Fans

Your ceiling fan and blower fan could be helpful while you are waiting to have your air-conditioning system serviced.  It is important to use a fan correctly to get the most benefit and fans are useful when the outside air temperature is lower than the indoor air temperature. A good trick is to set your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise. This way, the air below the fan is raised up, making room for the cool air to circulate underneath. The hot air is removed from your room, this aids in lowering the indoor air pressure, thus drawing in external cool air flow.

Turn The Lights off

A light or lamp can make a room warmer. So keep the light bulbs off or to a bare minimum most people have way too many lights on in their home and it is good to practise to turn a light off when you exit the room, luckily during hotter months daylight is longer which means less use of lighting at night.

Use Cotton

One of the best fabrics for hot weather is cotton. It is cheap and available everywhere. Cotton is light and breathable, it soaks up sweat and allows body heat to escape which helps you cool down quickly when the temperature indoors is high. Wearing cotton pyjamas is a great way to help sleep during warm nights the cotton material is comfortable and will not add heat to your body.

Reduce Internal Heat

So your air conditioning system isn’t working and the house is starting to heat up while you wait for the technician to arrive.  You do not wish to generate more heat within your home, so avoid using the clothes dryer especially during the day, a dryer produces a huge amount of heat. Minimise the use of your gas oven or cooktop try and use a microwave as an alternative. While you are waiting for your air-conditioner to be repaired opt for salads, bbq or take away as a substitute, this can all help reduce extra heat inside your home.

Lower the shades

Allowing sunlight to directly enter any room in your house can increase your inside temperature. On warm days lowering or shutting your curtains or blinds will be beneficial in reducing the indoor heat.  Ensuring the correct fit curtains and blinds is important, the window must be completely covered to stop any heat escaping through any cracks into a room. Try and avoid black window coverings, black can absorb the heat so using an alternative colour such as white or a lighter shade will be beneficial.

While the above tips will help make your home cooler, for a short time, you know there is no perfect substitute for your air conditioning system. So contact Central Coast Air-Conditioning and an experienced technician will be at your home ready to repair your air-conditioning system.


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