The Best Type Of Air Conditioner For Your Space

Tips on how to select the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

Air conditioners were often considered a luxury item. However, now most homes have an air conditioner installed in one or more rooms of the house.  If you are wishing to upgrade or purchase a new air conditioner it is important that you select one which is suitable for you and your family and fits in with your budget. There are many models and styles to select from, and selecting the correct size to accommodate your room dimensions is important so as to guarantee correct cooling. Many companies manufacture different models and styles of air conditioners. Here are 4 tips to help you select the right air conditioning system.

Size and Position is Important

It is possible to buy a system that is too large for the room you wish to cool. Often people will see a larger air conditioning system for a similar price to a smaller system and think this is good value.  However, having a larger system will not cool down your room any quicker. In fact, the system must work harder for a smaller area and your energy bill will be more expensive. In regards to installing the outdoor section of a split aircon system, the system must be located in an area that is not in a high wind, sun, or rain position. Similarly, the indoor system should be in an area where the airflow is not obstructed.

Type of Air Conditioner

After you have decided to purchase an air conditioning system for your home you must select the type of brand and style.  Perhaps a central, split or ducted air conditioner will suit your home and these are all popular. Depending on the room and what the room is designed for will help you select which air conditioning system is most suitable.

Noise Level

While the constant hum of an air conditioner may not be that noticeable during the day at night it could be quite a loud noise which may keep occupants of the house awake. So when shopping ask to hear the air conditioning unit while it is working and listen if the noise level is acceptable for you and your family.

Additional features

Most air conditioning systems come with additional features here are a few benefits to help you decide.

Features can include:


Remote options

Adjustable fan

Energy star rating

Programme Timer

Air Direction Control

Night Mode

So when selecting the perfect AC for your home compare the additional features of each brand. Think about if you would use the extra benefits as quite often extra features will come with a higher price tag.


These tips are useful for picking the perfect air conditioning system for your place. If you want to get the best results, you should keep the AC filters clean and have regular 3 month maintenance checks.

Now that people and children are working and learning more at home it is important to have a safe and healthy environment. While we consider such things as lightning, furniture, and plants to help make our work or learning space more enjoyable a common forgotten benefit is fresh healthy air.  Give Central Coast Air Conditioning a reach out and one of their friendly professional technicians will be available to help answer any questions you may have.


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