Maintenance & Repairs

Tips on Managing A Damaged Air Conditioner

If you notice your air conditioning system is not functioning correctly, perhaps the system is leaking or possibly the temperature thermostat is not working, you should seek professional help...

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Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

A Ducted Air conditioning system is a concealed system, hidden within your property walls or quite often in the roof space of your home. The cool or warm air...

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Advantages of Home Air Conditioning Zoning

Are you struggling to understand why you are paying too much in energy costs, are there ways that you could reduce your monthly bill.  Is it possible that you...

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Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes

There are many benefits to having an air conditioning system installed in your home or office. If you decide on a split system you will have the benefit of...

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

During warmer months air conditioners are used throughout the day and night to keep cool. Likewise, during the colder months a reverse cycle air conditioner will be used extensively...

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Air conditioning Energy Saving Tips

Air conditioners are widely used in Australia due to local weather conditions. Household and office air conditioners can have high levels of energy consumption. A number of people struggle...

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Benefits of an Air Conditioning System

Our home is where we live, laugh, learn, relax and entertain. Our home should be comfortable and installing an air conditioning system is the answer, however not only does...

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ductless air conditioner

Top 5 Air conditioning myths

Air Conditioners come with a range of myths and we are here to confirm or crush those myths for good. Central Coast Air Conditioning knows everything there is to...

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Split Systems

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Deciding on whether to install an air conditioning system is a question that must be thought about thoroughly, how often would I use an air conditioner? Will it be...

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Daikin Or Fujitsu Air conditioning?

In Australia, Daikin and Fujitsu air conditioning are two of the most popular systems on the market. If you are considering installing a new air conditioning system whether it...

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