Benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

What Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Simply speaking, reverse cycle describes a type of air conditioning that is capable of both heating and cooling. More precisely, reverse cycle air conditioning allows the refrigeration cycle to be reversed, to readily provide both functions of heating and cooling.

What Are the Benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Sometimes, it can be hard to justify the expense and hassle of having a separate heating system in your home, especially for the short winters on the Central Coast NSW.

But if you’re shivering through the night and need a solution that’s useful throughout the year, reverse cycle air conditioning could be what you’re looking for!

There are many benefits to choosing a reverse cycle air conditioning system, and we’ve listed the main advantages below:

1. Warm in Winter & Cool in Summer

Say goodbye to hauling out fans in the summertime and heavy gas heaters in winter! Reverse cycle air conditioning can do both for you.

These air conditioners are designed to perform two functions, heating and cooling, meaning you are getting so much value – it’s like getting two for the price of one!

Imagine one day you’re sweating from the hot and humid weather. Then the following day, you’re shivering and rugged up because of a cold snap. A reverse cycle system has got you covered as you can simply change the unit’s operating mode from cooling to heating, and vice versa.

2. Low-Cost Heating & Cooling

A reverse cycle system is one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home or office as it absorbs heat from the outside and transfers it inside, rather than generate the heat.

Plus, split systems are generally easier to install when compared to ducted systems.

3. Energy Efficient

A reverse cycle AC is usually much more energy-efficient than an electrical/gas heater. Since operating this system requires less energy, it is more environmentally friendly, and cheaper to operate than a conventional heater.

4. Purifies Your Air

The latest reverse cycle systems are equipped with innovative air-purifying filters that effectively keep dust, dirt, and debris from entering the space that is being cooled or heated. People with asthma and other respiratory conditions will benefit significantly from this system.

5. Quiet Time

If you are one of those families that keeps air conditioning on at night time, or you just don’t like hearing constant sounds in your home, then reverse cycle air conditioning may be the perfect choice for you.

6. Safety

Every winter in Australia we hear about too many tragic house fires when people start using their heaters. Gas/electric heaters when left too close to fabric or other materials can light up and cause catastrophic outcomes for you and your family.

On the other hand, reverse cycle air conditioning systems are mostly out of reach and have little to no safety concerns. This may be particularly important to you if you have younger children or pets in your household.

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As you can see, a reverse cycle air conditioning system can offer heating and cooling functions in your house in one complete solution.

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