Air conditioning Energy Saving Tips

Air conditioners are widely used in Australia due to local weather conditions. Household and office air conditioners can have high levels of energy consumption. A number of people struggle with how to be comfortable but still manage to save money on their electricity bill.

Fortunately, there are many ways to alleviate the impact air conditioners have on your energy bill.

Here are four tips to help you enjoy cool or warm temperatures and feel comfortable in your home or office without going over budget.

Selecting the correct size and location.

Deciding the best location in the house or office to install the system is important. Apart from the size of the room you also must take into consideration issues such as ceiling height, room insulation, sun exposure and the number of people who will occupy the room.  It is vital to have a professional help measure your space and with the right dimensions decide the correct unit to fit your area this will guarantee efficient cooling and heating.

Use the correct mode

Years ago air conditioning units used to be simple with an on/off button and high, medium or low options. However, now most units come with a variety of functions and modes.  It is essential to acquaint yourself with your remote and the operational system. By choosing the right temperature and fan speed you will be able to comfortably relax or work.  With this information, you can run the system in the correct mode and start to use your aircon effectively and efficiently.

Extended warranty

Air conditioners are designed to help you have a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle and for a large appliance, it may be a good idea to take out an extended warranty to protect your investment.  Quite often people will forget to have regular maintenance checks and unfortunately, things can go wrong and then it will be costly to repair or replace the damage. If your system is not running at its full potential you may notice a higher energy bill.   An extended warranty will guarantee you can have a service call and technician come and check your unit.

Regular Maintenance

Air conditioners, which operate for extended hours, will eventually breakdown. Shorter service life means you will replace your system and replacing your air conditioner may be costly.  Electric bills are higher on units which are not serviced.  This is because the unit requires more energy to operate when the filters etc have not to be cleaned and maintained. So it is recommended to have your domestic air conditioner system inspected one to two times a year and commercial air conditioners at least 4 times per year. Central Coast Air Conditioning are available to service your system at any time.

As the years have gone on, leading air conditioning brands have continued to be innovating with their products and improving on energy efficiency.   Air conditioning can aid in better sleep quality. Help reduce possibilities of asthma and it has been shown that insects and parasites tend to avoid air conditioning spaces. A professional company such as Central Coast Air-Conditioning, who have many years of experience, will be able to answer any questions in regards to energy saving air conditioning.

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